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A Documentary Portrait Series
by Douglas Favero

These images, spanning a decade in time and three different continents, represent an instant in the lives of each of their subjects in which they slip out of sync with their surroundings.

For some, this means they are on the outside looking in. For others, it’s a look inside themselves. Others are looking askance, as if for help, or escape, and others are just trying to keep apace, desperate to stay in line for fear of what will happen if they don’t. Some are looking into the past, others into the future, and still others to a place and time that can never exist.

This series is a tribute to those who hardly look at the map in their hands because they know it can never satisfy their desire to know where they are, much less where they have been, or where they are going.
Family Business - Oaxaca, MexicoPensándolo - Oaxaca, MexicoBaby Doll - Oaxaca, MexicoCircus Life - Oaxaca, Mexicogreat big world friendly - O'Hare InternationalGive Us This Day - Oaxaca, MexicoWorking the Corner - Oaxaca, MexicoLetter Never Sent, Post Office, Buenos Aires1897, San Telmo Market, Buenos AiresInside Looking Out, San Telmo, Buenos AiresSurrounded by Water, Sahara Desert, MoroccoWhere are you going, where have you been? - Sahara Desert, Morocco