Teaching and learning both renew me as a photographer and as a person. Before getting to the workshops, I'd like to share five reasons why investing in a photography course is worth it. 

1. learn how to use your camera's controls - the best way to start using and appreciating it more.

2. learn how to develop your own photographic style - and save time and money on going after a "better" camera with the hope that IT will take better pictures.  (You are the one who will make better pictures!)

3. improve with the help of a professional - say goodbye to the tedious manual and the inefficient YouTube videos.

4. improve with the help and friendship of the other students 

5. enhance your new knowledge through dynamic, experiential challenges and projects. Have fun while you learn! Life is short.

A bonus of being a photographer, whether as a professional or aficionado, is becoming part of a community of fellow photographers who share your interest and passion. When you look back at the end of the year at all the great things you did with your photography, participating in a course is always a highlight. 

This is why workshops are an ongoing part of my adventures in photography, and I invite you to join me on one of the following.



Taller fotografía por Douglas Favero, Oaxaca, Mexico.Fundamentos de la FotografíaCurso de fotografía para principiantes.


This course combines two of my most popular:

"From Snapshot to Photograph" 

and "Light and Shadow: I"

to cover all the foundational elements of photography. 

We see:

*How to master the controls of your DSLR


*How to master the elements of artistic composition

to see through the eyes of a photographer and capture the image you envision.



"Light and Shadow: II" - How to use artificial light sources (external flash, video light), to provide the ambiance, texture and dimension you need to realize your vision. 


"Retratos Vivos" or "Living Portraits" - How to achieve natural portraits of individuals, couples or groups, to breathe life into your photographs of people. Improve your technical control of the camera, while developing your own creative style. 



"Night Photography" - Learn a host of techniques and tricks to create incredible images at night.


SPECIAL EFFECTS - Stretch the limits of your creativity with a series of techniques and secrets to pull off incredible special effects that seem impossible. 



WALKING TOURS: Exploratory walking tours through the Centro Histórico, Xochimilco, Jalatláco, la Colonia Reforma or San Felipe. Receive critiques and feedback of your shots throughout the walk; observe the angles and approaches of a professional; ask questions to your heart's content. This is a great option if you're looking to refresh your interest in photography, discover new places, and see your creative process in a new light. 


PRIVATE CLASSES: Lightroom and Photoshop.


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Ask me anything about the above courses, or set your dates!


It's not the camera that takes memorable photographs. It's you.